Innovative, rapid, secure

Metrici provides software and services for building sophisticated IT solutions.

Our solutions are used by thousands of people in hundreds of organisations.


Metrici Portal is a secure online platform for building and running applications. It has a rich set list of features and flexible integration capabilities.

The portal is based our our unique extensible data-driven development (XDDD) approach, which delivers complex solutions that can be built rapidly and changed easily. We estimate that this provides a tenfold increase in productivity compared with conventional, code-based development.

Data Hub

Metrici Data Hub is a comprehensive data management tool which can be used for many types of solution, such as data warehousing, reporting, master data management and data integration.

Relay Work Smart

Relay Work Smart is an online service for collaborative work management.


We provide expert consultancy services on our technology and more broadly on data management and systems integration.


We deliver solutions through partners who provide subject matter expertise in different industry sectors.