About Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary documents data stored in IT systems and interfaces between IT systems.

It has the following characteristics:

Structured Data Dictionary is built on a well-defined metamodel, and forces structure and consistency on the documentation and collection of requirements for data and integration.
Interlinked Data Dictionary interlinks the various aspects of data and integration, allowing you to easily understand how all the parts fit together.

You can use Data Dictionary to document existing data and integration as part of a discovery exercise. You can also use Data Dictionary to document requirements and designs. You can document at just a high level, or go into as much detail as you need to support development tasks.

You can enter as much or as little information into Data Dictionary as you need for your project. It does not force a way of working on you.

Rich meta-model

Data Dictionary lets you document the both the logical aspects of data and integration, such as the meaning of data, and the physical aspects such as the technologies used and detailed file formats.

The meta-model also holds rich supporting information, such as a descriptions, status, contact information and document attachments.

Versatile outputs

Data Dictionary shows the documentation as richly-interlinked web pages. There are flexible options to to filter, view and export the data.

Using the power of the underlying Metrici® platform, you can create further outputs including custom reports and exports to integration toolsets.